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The Internet changes not just how we communicate, but how we trust


The Internet, and the technologies that predate it, catalyze political change by creating new opportunities for cooperation.  Technology does not simply enable faster and easier communication, but makes it possible for people far apart to interact closely, reciprocate favors, and build trust. 


Wu’s book showcases the rich world history of citizens and technology with examples from China, Brazil, India, and the US, from the telegraph to social media.


Dr. Wu is an expert on communications technology around the world, its international politics and global history.

Trust communities have a dark side, too. During the recent American election season, many a Facebook page and Twitter feed became a study in the echo-chamber effect, where like-minded groups reinforce their own certainties and shout down opposing views. If there is a market for civilized debate, it is woefully under-capitalized.  Jennifer Howard, "Internet of Stings" The Times Literary Supplement


“Wu has given us an important book of ideas, presented with clarity and originality, that could go a long way toward helping us keep up with – and understand the vast implications of - the technology swirling around us.”  Karen Lyon, Hill Rag

Accessible and engaging, Wu’s book merges the practical with the scholarly to embed the current, Internet-led information revolution’s effects on collective action and governance within a historical perspective, weaving together a wealth of diverse and expansive cases.”  

Catie Snow Bailard, George Washington University

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