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Political Science Association's  
"Career Profile:  Irene S. Wu"
APSA asks
"How has your doctoral training helped you in your career?"


A PhD equips you to confront problems, develop good questions, and answer them.  When you need change, it is great to have these skills.  In my agency, those with PhD’s or research degrees in their respective fields are often the ones who show up during those moments of change.  So far, I am the only political scientist in the building.  It would be great if we had more.

Women in Foreign Policy. 
Interview by Lucie Goulet.
July 11, 2016
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Technology connecting the apolitical to the political. 

"Sometimes in a community, even if it's a community that has nothing to do with politics, there might come a moment where someone says, "I'm really sick and tired of this mayor. We should do something about it."  . .  In Forging Trust Communities I tell the story of some online volunteers who originally organised a literary festival but turned their group in to a humanitarian helpline when a big tsunami hit South and Southeast Asia."

"Cybersecurity, Privacy, Cyber-Crime and Trust"
8th Annual International CMI Conference
Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark
November 27, 2015
Georgetown University Forum Radio Show
Interview by Dr. Carole Sargent
September 2015
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